Our Vision

To be recognized as a professional, well respected, highly trained, proactive, community-oriented, municipal law enforcement agency.


Our Mission

The mission of the Springdale Borough Police Department is to establish and maintain a proactive partnership with residents and business owners to work together in solving problems facing our community. The success of this mission depends upon a continuous effort to increase awareness and develop higher levels of trust and understanding among police officers and the community.

In furthering this partnership, we pledge our dedication and diligence in protecting life, liberty and property; preserving the peace; and enforcing laws and ordinances. We are committed to improving all aspects of public safety, reducing the fear and incidence of crimes, extending and improving our community programs, and maintaining the highest degree of respect for individual rights and human dignity.

We are committed to honoring the sacred public trust by ensuring that the Springdale Borough Police Department adheres to the highest professional law enforcement standards. We shall continuously strive towards attaining excellence, removing barriers to effective communication, and providing our employees with effective leadership, supervision and training in a quality work environment. 

Our Location

Springdale Borough Police Department

325 School St.

Springdale, PA 15144

Our office is located in the rear of the borough building near the parking lot.